Black Girl Dangerous Editor-In-Training Program

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Black Girl Dangerous is excited and proud to announce the BGD Editor-In-Training Program! Beginning September 15th, 2014, BGD will take, under its queer-badass wing, queer and/or trans writers of color who want to learn how to be successful editors and more impactful independent media content creators.

The mission of the Black Girl Dangerous Editor-In-Training Program is to educate more queer and trans people of color in writing and editing specifically for online independent media. Online indie media sites have specific needs with regard to writing and editing. This program will focus on gaining those specific skills.

Many of us who have the most to contribute to important conversations happening in indie media, including conversations on race, gender, queerness, economic injustice, disability justice, issues affecting youth, etc., have the least amount of access to the training, education and experience needed to be successful in contributing to and leading independent media movements. Continuing our commitment to amplifying the voices of queer and trans people of color from all walks of life, BGD will train queer and/or trans people of color in online media editing and writing over 6 months. Participants will learn the skills necessary to write well for the web while also learning to effectively edit the work of other writers, to contribute to and build quality platforms. Participants will have the opportunity to write and edit for BGD, and to carry those skills into their own future indie media projects.

The Editor-In-Training program will take place in a virtual classroom (via email, Skype, etc.) and be facilitated by the editors of BGD. Participants will be expected to devote at least 5 hours per week to the program. The program is funded by BGD and will be free for participants.

To participate in this program, you must:

  • Be a person of color who experiences oppression based on race
  • Identify as LGBTQIA
  • Have writing samples that represent your work. These should be complete, non-academic essays, stories or articles. Send work that makes sense for a program for online media. (You don’t have to be a published writer)

You should also:

  • Be active in social justice and/or community-oriented work
  • Have political and social justice ideals that align with BGD

Applications no longer being accepted.