We’re slowly compiling a list of frequently asked questions about who we are and what we do here.

Q. I am really angry about/I disagree with a post on this website. I should write to you and say so, right?

A. Only if you love writing things that no one will ever read.  (all email messages are screened and most don’t make it to our editors)

If you’re a QTPOC, feel free to respectfully disagree with us on our Facebook page. If you are not a QTPOC, understand that this is not a space where you are welcome to argue with us about our experiences. Just share your hurt/angry feelings with your friends. That’s what they are there for.


Q. Why aren’t you nicer to white people??!!

A. OMG, thank you for asking!

If we get one criticism more than any other, it’s Why aren’t you nicer to white people? It’s said in many different ways by many different people (ok, mostly from white people), but it all boils down to the same thing. And the answer is simple: We are not interested in making white folks feel better about racism. We are not interested in holding their hands and assuring them they they are good despite their daily participation in systems of racism. We are not interested in creating space for their “opposing views”. There are plenty of places where white folks can go and not be called out on racism and white privilege. There are plenty of places where white folks can have their hands held and be told it’s okay. This is not meant to be such a space.

What we are interested in (among other things) is telling the truth about systemic racism and its effects as we and the people around us experience them.

Racism is a horrible system that deeply affects the lives of people of color in countless negative ways. We’re angry about it. And we have every reason to be.

We are not here for kumbaya. If you’re mad, good. You should be. Racism is not something you should feel good about.

Q. Aren’t you being just as racist against white people??

A. No. And your question reveals that you don’t even understand what racism is. Without even that basic knowledge, how can you expect to be taken seriously in a conversation about race? Lucky for you, thousands of books have been written on the subject. Plus, there’s Google. You’ve heard of Google, right?  If not, you can start here: http://blackgirldangerous.org/new-blog/2013/6/11/qtpoc-chat-episode-1-reverse-racism


Q. Your points may be valid, but isn’t your rhetoric “ineffective”?

A. No. Your presumptions about what our goals are may be incorrect.

Our goal is to speak our truths as queer and trans* people of color and to amplify the voices of other queer and trans* people of color. Our voices so often go unheard. And we are often afraid to speak.
Speaking–in and of itself–is our goal. Whether or not privileged people “get it”.

When POC write to us, the thing they say more than any other thing is, “Thank you for saying what I feel but couldn’t say.” We take that very seriously.

We are not interested in tailoring our message for the comfort of those who oppress us. We are interested in raising our voices.