reposting from BGD

For other websites wanting to repost from BGD:

Please do not republish anything from this site in its entirety without express written permission from BGD.

If you want to link to one of our posts on your website, please follow these guidelines.

1. Do NOT post more than the first 20% of the original post on your site. Use a word-counter to determine how many words equal 20% so you don’t exceed this limit. If you’re caught posting more than the first 20% of the original post, you will be banned from reposting anything from our site. (If you’d like to post more, you need to get our permission).

2. Link back to the remainder of post on the BGD site.

3. Do not alter the post in any way besides using only the first 20% (our official syndicators get to use more).


Yes, of course it is okay to link to our stuff on your Facebook page!